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Meet our Founders, identical twins Susi Vallin McKee and Sandy Vallin Heinsz who actually were born on Cinco de Mayo; face it…party and margaritas are in their blood!  These two are a great one-two punch of energy and motivation.  Susi who has her undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Public Administration, Contracts & Acquisitions, came up with the idea to create a party-in-a-box…hmmmmmm….they eventually opted for a tin; but needless to say, the end result is extremely exciting and sells itself.  Sandy, leading our marketing activities, has a PhD in Psychology; she can get to the root of the brand motivation  while spotting crazy too!  And let’s not forget Rocky Heinsz, Sandy’s Food Technologist hubby whose consulting company oversees Research/Development, Manufacturing, and Distribution/Warehousing…okay, so the guy can do anything! 


Susi McKee


Sandy Heinsz

 PhD, Founder, Managing Partner

Rocky Heinsz

 Food Technology Consultant